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Almost Finished, Scrapped Comics a Tiny F.A.Q.

Journal Entry: Mon May 4, 2015, 1:46 PM
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Ohaider :wave:

Almost Finished

Sorry that I haven't had a comic for you guys in almost a fortnight now; things are still hectic at the moment with deadlines.
But this week is my final week of classes and all assignments will be submitted the following week :dummy:

So, hopefully I'll get something done up for you guys by then, and if not by then, at least I'll be at home with time to work on them for you.

Scrapped Comics

I actually managed to throw together two comics in the small smidgens of free time I had over the last week; but I'm not happy with them at all to be honest,
They just feel rushed and don't really go anywhere :shrug:

If you still wanna check them out, here, I'll keep them in my stash:
 Ech 1 by Veggie55 Ech 2 by Veggie55

Instead, I'd rather wait until I've something that I'm happy with to submit here.

Tiny F.A.Q.

People have been PMing me here, some with the same question repeated multiple times, so I figured that I'd take the most common ones asked and quickly answer here in the hopes that I won't be asked many times again :la:

Do you do requests/art-trades?

No, I generally don't.
I make exceptions for close friends or whatnot, but that's about it, sorry!

 Do you have a Patreon?

No, and I never will, don't worry.

I love/hate the idea of it; some people deserve to have one, as it really is the only way to help them with their talent.
Most people though, at least to me, don't deserve it, and simply use it as a means to make money for little to no effort.

While I'm flattered that you'd be willing to support me financially on a monthly basis, I'd be against the idea.
This is a hobby of mine, not a job, and there are many folks out there who deserve the generous donations that you're willing to give.

Plus, I mean, making money of a television IP is pretty fucking risky regardless :'D
*cough* Dodgy offerings of commissions *cough*

If you REALLY wanna donate to me in some way, I have a paypal account,  though steam games are always nice <3

Do you have any convention plans?

Well, as of now, nothing set in stone.

I've never physically attended one, though I was at Buck in the UK via Skype a few years back.
Let's just say, I've been asked by a few (Mainly around Europe) if I'd be willing to attend as a guest and I've yet to make a decision.

Though it does sound like it could be an awesome experience!

Oh, and another note type I've gotten a few of;
If you're organising a con, don't be afraid to ask me; I don't bite :'D 

Some people have written to me, afraid that simply asking me about something was somehow offending me, huehue.
You can ask me whatever and anything; it's never a HASSLE to read text.
Unless it's a shite fanfic...

Will you ever update/make new tutorials?

Been meaning to for some time!
Possibly will over the summer; we'll see.

Do you have an OC?

Yus. The guy in my avatar.
This guy -->Veggie by Wicklesmack drawn by the wonderful Wicklesmack

Commissions m8?

Soon m8.

Can I add you on Skype/Steam ect.?

On skype, I pretty much accept anyone, so go nuts. Though granted, I often forget it's turned on and reply super late to folks.

As for steam? Well, it's my chill-out zone, I've had an issue years back where over 300 random bronies had added me and just blocked up my friends list.
So I'm kinda stricter about my Steam friends list nowadays.

Start on Skype or something, see where it goes! :dummy:

Uhm... did I miss anything... uh... feck, I don't really remember; those where the main ones.

If there's anything you wanna ask me that's not here, fire away; I don't bite.

Anyways, that's it for now folks!
One more week left, then a few more assignments to hand up and I should be able to chill for a while :la:

Final few weeks before the holidays.

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 19, 2015, 9:04 AM
Firstly, apologies for not having a comic uploaded this week.
I know that I don't normally aim to do stuff every week, but I do like when I get stuff done every 10-or-so days ^^;

I totally wasn't playing GTA V non-stop all week... no.... not...not at all :paranoid:

So yeah, as the title says, I'm in my last few weeks of college before we break off for the Summer holidays.

You: "Aww yeh, that's good, innit?"

Damn right it is! 
But it does mean that my assignment deadlines are fast approaching... and there's still quite a lot of work left to do.

You: "So, uh, wut does this mean?"

Well, it means that buying GTA V right before the the holidays was a stupid fucking idea  It means that Why, why did I do this to myself?!   IT MEANS THAT I'll be pretty slow to work on comics and whatnot for a few weeks; just while I'll balance it out with assignments and other things.

But I will hopefully get one uploaded some time during this coming week!

You: "Ah, so a lot of exams and stuff?"

Lel, no. I do multimedia, I've only 1, 30-minute exam. Instead of studying, I've constant assignment work to do!


When I'm on my holidays, commissions will be open again; this time without the pressures of trying to balance them with college work :dummy:

You: "And how are you in general?"
N'aww, you care? xox

Not too bad, to be honest!
Just so long as I get all this stuff done on time, I should stay that way.

Though I wish I had the Witcher 3 right now... blarg

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I probably won't get anything done this week...

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 14, 2015, 8:47 AM
If I don't get any work done this week... by Veggie55
Including college assignments...


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2.5 Million Pageviews + 26'000 Watchers

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 8, 2015, 5:13 PM

Title pretty much sums it up!

Thank you all! :glomp:

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Easter Commissions + Life Updates

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 30, 2015, 2:05 PM
Hoh boy, I'm gonna regret this, aren't I?

So, good news and bad news, folks :wave:

The good news is that I'm off college for the following fortnight thanks to the Easter Break, though I've still got my assignments to work on, it does give me a lot more free time than usual. 

The bad news is that I decided to take my PC MUSTARD-RACE MLG 1337 MONSTER desktop in to be checked out, as it's having an issue that I can't quite seem to work out.
So I'm working from my laptop for the next few days at least I:

So I figured, hell, why not do a few small commissions during my time off? It'll kill any time I spend wasting trying not to do assignment work :la:

BUT JUST A FEW SMALL ONES , as I'm trying to make comics at the same time in this fortnight of relative peace!

Veggie's Weird Commission Rule Thingies

1. I'm not gonna use fixed prices for these select few.  

Sucky as it may be, I'm simply going to balance it between value and time-consumption.
Basically, if you wanna be super generous in how much you're willing to pay for a commission, then I'm most likely going to do yours. Unless of course it's, like, some MASSIVE bloody thing that'll take a good week to do :noes:

Apologies, when the summer rolls along, I'll have a set pricing-system back in place, fair to everyone!

--- --- ---

2. What I Will / Will Not Do:  

:bulletred: For starters, MASSIVE commissions are a no. (ie: Long comic strips, a large group of characters doing a variety of things, sequential-imagery, etc...)

I'm off, but I'm not off for THAT long! Plus, like I said, I'm working off my laptop, the screen's a lot smaller than my usual dual-monitor setup.

For now. If you have a huge idea in mind, contact me again when i open summer commissions; I'll surely have time then (:

:bulletred: If you've known me for a few years now, you should remember my OLD journal about my views on OC characters that people ask me to draw;  OC Ponies (Warning: Raging)

That pretty much still stands, and it's simply because I cannot bring myself to draw a character that is too ridiculous to exist.

That doesn't mean that I DON'T do OC characters, in fact if you check my old commission gallery, you'll see quite a few.

:bulletred: The weird (to me) shite:

I'm not judging, but please, don't ask me to make commissions such as vore, transformations, foot-fetish bollocks etc.

There are plenty of folks who are more than happy to do that for you.

:bulletred: Humans:

Ech, I haven't watched any of that EQG stuff, nor do I plan on.

So if you were hoping for that kinda stuff, apologies, ain't gonna happen.

:bulletred: Shipping:

Ech, again, I've done shipping stuff before, though it's always been CanonXCanon or OCxOC.

Don't be that guy who wants his alicorn OC to mount Rainbow Dash, please.
Have him bang another OC or summit instead.

--- --- ---

3. Availability:  

Like I said, I'm only off for 2 weeks, in which I'm working on my own comic stuff as well as academic stuff, so I'm not going to have commissions open for long, nor will I really be doing that many of them.

If you miss out, just keep an eye out as in about 6 weeks they'll probably be available again, this time for much, much longer!

--- --- ---

4.  Payment:  

No, I don't use points. Sorry, I just don't have a use for them. :shrug:
Nor do I consider art trades a type of payment ^^;

The way I've always gone with is Paypal transactions, and I pretty much plan on keeping it that way.
Unless of course you wanna buy me some awesome games on :iconsteam-plz: ;D

--- --- ---

5.  How to send a request:  

Just send me a note on here with something like "[COMMISSION]" in the title so that I can mark it.

I usually reply to everyone, accepting or rejecting their request, but if you hear nothing back from me, just send another note and I'll surely see it.

--- --- ---

6.  Types of commissions?:

I usually offer 3 basic types, varying in price.

- Lined (Lineart only)

- Flat colour (No shading)

- Full colour (Shaded and other stuff)

Bleh, I hate the bloody things, though if you REALLY want one that bad, I'm sure I can do something :p

--- --- ---

7.  What can you do with your commission?:

It's yours, go nuts.

I won't be posting them on my account anymore; seemingly people started to unwatch me because I uploaded a few scattered commissions among comic strips :shrug:

You can absolutely upload it to your own account and any other site you want. 

Just be sure to credit me though, ok? c:

Hue, just realised how cynical this all sounds.

Don't be deterred, I DO enjoy making commissions for you guys! :la:
It's just, you do get asked to do a lot of weird shite... just trying to filter in the not-so-weird ones...

Let the games.... begin?

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Re: Commissions

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 6, 2015, 5:03 AM
Just out of curiosity, all prices and whatever aside, would anyone be looking for any commissions at this time? c:

Should have a new comic up tonight too

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MLP? Heh... funny you should mention that...

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 23, 2015, 4:32 PM

Yeah, long-arse journal, I know, sorry :v

Oh boy, where to begin? 

Have you ever looked back at something you did years ago and think; “Wow, please, no, I didn’t say/do that, did I?”

I’ve just had one of those moments… Feeling preeeeeetty dumb… 


As you probably know (Unless you’re one of my more recent watchers), on August 7th 2013, I finished up doing MLP-Related content and had hopes of making my own webcomics. (Really missed that goal, didn’t I?)

The reason I gave for this was due to my State-Examinations at the time, which had not only driven me away from watching the show, but also sucked up pretty much any of my downtime which I usually spent making images for you guys.
That said, I only just finished said exams when I made that decision to leave, thinking that when I went to college, I would still have very little time to enjoy the whole MLP scene again.

 … This is the part where I realise how much of a dumbass 17-year-old Veggie really was.


Since I started my course, even with the extra time I spend on assignments, I still have plenty of free-time which I could easily have spent being a productive person, but instead squandered most of it, rarely doing anything with all the excess hours.
(Seeing a pattern here?)


Ever since then, I always contemplated getting back into the fandom, with my (hopefully) improved skills, and even now I still feel the same way.

And as of the last month, the urge has grown, to the point of making this here journal you’re reading.




“Wow, I knew it, you should’ve just taken a break, you dumbass, instead of overreacting and downright leaving, wow, you make me feel ashamed to be human. Bwahahahaha!”

And hey, I won’t lie, you’re totally right. In fact, I did it not just once, but twice, for the same reason.

So yeah, I totally deserved that.


… okay, I deserved that too.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want to… try again, I guess?

I wanted to see if I could get back into it after this stupid 2-Year gap I made myself and see if I could get back to making some content for you guys, since, really, that’s all that I missed.

Your feedback, ideas, reactions, all that jazz; meant the world to me. (Hell, I had, like, 50 watchers before MLP came along, you guys are the only reason I was ever noticed!)


So, while I don’t want to make a definite statement (You know, like my definite statement about leaving…) about returning full-time, I definitely wanted to make an attempt, and if it went well, try get back uploading content on a regular basis, and hopefully not make the same mistakes that I did years ago.
(Producing poorly-written and made content purely to maintain a consistent upload rate was probably my biggest sin.)

Netflix is urging me to catch up on what I missed, and talking with some of the great friends I made over the years always greatly helped, filling me in on the latest happenings and whatnot, encouraging me to give it another shot.

Sorry for writing a bloody novel in this journal, and if you read all of this, I greatly appreciate it. (And question your sanity...)

And sorry for being such a drama-queen back then, hell, even now, I mean, did you read this? Bloody hell, I make it sound like I’m dying or something.

Anyways, long story short, I want to give it all another shot, and hopefully improve in those places that I failed, and to never write another bloody dramatic journal entry again, EVER.


So yeah, I’m going to sleep on it, but I welcome your thoughts and opinions, after all, the only reason I’m really considering this is because of you guys.


Let’s see what happens, eh?


- Veggie  :iconveggie55-manfaceplz:





"So, you'll draw my OC?!"

... Baby steps... baby steps...

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*blows dust off of account*
*blows dust off drawing tablet*

Ohai there, how're things?

Just felt like updating my DeviantArt in some manner while waiting for a fresh cuppa. 

I noticed that I'm stilling getting, like, a few thousand people coming to my page on a daily basis, as well as still gaining more watchers despite having not done a MLP comic since 7th August 2013 :noes:


Just feels like a waste, considering how many people I've seen here that deserve that kind of activity, y'know, since they'd be uploading pretty much every day.

Season 5, as far as I'm aware of, should be starting off soon enough, no? (Or have a completely fallen off the wagon?)
Community still seems to be kicking around though.

I remember being all excited for the new seasons due to all the new shit I could draw :'D

Anything new or completely crazy happening lately?
I'm pretty much out of the loop completely.

it's nearing 5 years now, holy shit.
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Thanks for them birthday wishes though <3

Wow, I'm over 2 weeks late...

I'll draw something at some point too D:
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Just thought I'd make this journal to explain my recent inactivity.
But let's do it in flash points :D

Veggie, how are you right now?
Been better, thanks for asking ;)
I'm awaiting blood tests to see whether I have merely tonsillitis or worse, glandular fever :I
So for the past week I've been stuck indoors; fun times!

Yo, you've been indoors AND sick, why didn't you draw poni- I mean,  stuff?
Heh, well, call my college deadlines are coming right now, so for the past fortnight I've been working my ass off trying to get everything submitted on time. As you can imagine, being sick is a pretty bad set back. But my classes officially end tomorrow (5th) and I've only 2 small exams on before my VERY LONG Christmas break. (Well into the end of January <3) 

So, yeah. I've most under control right now, just 2-3 need a proper finish and I'm done. Over the weekend I plan on drawing up some stuff, all kinds of stuff, and finishing that silly comic I sketched up weeks ago :v

So, when are your pony-comics coming back?
Aha, clever you. Kudos for trying at least.
As of now, no, I still have no plans for doing any pony comics ever again, that's not to say that sketches and images aren't out of the question. 
Whilst I still haven't watched Season 4, I must admit that I've been looking back on some of the older stuff, the stuff that made the fandom awesome and I missed it, honestly :c 
I mean, they're fun to draw, maaaaaaaaaybe not comic-wise, but in general, and from my friends I've heard that S4's been pretty swell.

I've another good wait before I'm recovered, who knows? I might actually finish off Season 3 and actually watch Season 4. What then? I really can't say.

Ermagerd, you're coming back!
No, I didn't say that :v So don't start spreading stuff like that, please D;
I still wanna do my own stuff, but I also wanted to do something, you don't wanna know...

Ah, go on, tell me, I'm your pal, I won't say shit ;) 
Well, alright buddy. 
I guess I've always wanted to depict those MLP characters my own way, it's the one thing I've always regretted tbh. But it's just, I was so far in by the time I'd realised, it was too late to kinda... stop.

But yeah, some day, I really wanna just draw everyone, my way, and only my way.
Hopefully I will :)

What else is new then?
Eck, fuck all really, mate. Browsing around for a GTX 780 TI, finding the ABSOLUTE dirt-cheapest one I can, since Ireland can have some amaze-balls deals on PC-related things :p
Other than that? No, nothing really.


Ah go on, just watch it tomorrow, you know what I mean.
Alright, fine. I will. I promise 

Haven't seen that in a while, eh?

Good lord, mate, hold your horses. (huehuehuehue)

Since I STILL get notes about them, I figured I'd answer.
Well, yes and no.
No, because, well, you know.
And yes, because I have time and need money.

*Insert any other questions into le comments section.

such interest

                    many cool

        pony wow

            so pinke


Alright, that's me done for the night.

- Veggie

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:wave: Greetings everyone!
Just popping by to come full circle with that infamous Leaving Cert State Exam I did for a few weeks in June, and that made me take a short break from ponies back in 2011 to study.
Well, for you non-Irish folk, I'll put this as easily as I can.

The course I want to do, Multimedia, asks for roughly 365 points, and recommends the subjects English, Art and Music.
In my Leaving, I managed to get 515 points, and I also did the 3 required subjects (:

(HL) - Higher Level (OL) - Ordinary Level
A1: 95%-100% A2: 85%-89% 
B1: 80%-84% B2: 75%-79% B3: 70%–74%
And so on...

Here were mine:

HL) Irish (Gaeilge) A2 90 Points  - Annoyed slightly that this wasn't A1, as were many people in my year, they marked it pretty damn hard.

HL) English (Béarla) B1 85 Points - Happy with this, since most of the course is learning and opinions rather than the expressing and use of the language.

HL)French (Fraincís) B1 85 Points - Bah, was almost certain I'd gotten an A in this, I blame the awful questions the examiner gave me in the oral exam :v

HL)Italian (Iodáilis) A2 90 Points - Very happy with this, seeing as I only began the course 2 years ago!

HL)Art (Ealaín) B2 80 Points - Considering I fucked up the main part of this exam, I'm happy with this result. Worst subject ever though.

HL)Music (Ceol) B1 85 Points - Disappointed, again, like the rest of my class. This was marked extremely harshly IMO.

OL)Maths (Mata) A2 50 Points - Not counting this subject anyways, but yera, can't complain about it really.

And since I did all subjects, bar English, through Irish, I get myself a nice little bonus!

Now just waiting for Monday to hear if I get my course or not, we'll see what happens!


Today I finally got the 2nd session of my tattoo done, currently wrapped up and hidden from my father ;D
Here's a fairly small version of it, uploaded on the artist's Instagram:
Absolutely delighted with it, much better than I'd ever hoped for!


And for anyone who cares, I've actually been doing quite a lot of drawings lately, been having great fun with the tablet!
Actually, had the first comic strip idea sketched up, part of it lined already.
Though I won't make it the official, as it really is just a test one.

Basically, I've a tonne of random shit from one night (some of which is uploaded here:… )
But nothing's set in stone yet, though I'd really like to make something of it, a hobby to pass the time!

Unfortunately, I'm taking my PC in tomorrow to get her checked up, as I'm skeptical about some sounds she's making. But gonna upgrade her while I'm at it, fitting in 32Gb of RAM along with a much awaited core i7 processor.
While she's away, I'll probably end up reverting to pencil and paper, might get some more stuff done!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's about it for now!
Oh, but I'm working on a little audio test that seems to have interested Simon Viklund somewhat, the guy who made the music to the likes of the Payday games ;D
- Veggie

Time to Move on...

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 7, 2013, 1:38 PM
Hey all :wave:
How you guys doing?
I'm leaving the MLP stuff.

Basically, the point of this journal (I'll try not to make it too long.)  is that I'm getting ready to move on from the whole My Little Pony scene.
It's been fun, guys, but let's face it, I was only going to keep it up for so long.

As you have probably noticed, despite (attempting) to make comics for the last few months, I've pretty much fallen out of the whole MLP fandom scene.
Unlike when I first joined, back in 2011, where I'd be scouring the various websites for the latest news and re-watching the weekly episodes, I'm just not pushed to do so anymore. I never got around to finishing Season 3, or watching that movie thing, and I've pretty much ignored the whole thing.

Don't get me wrong, I don't HATE the show, nor do I HATE the fandom, I still really enjoy it, and I really do hope I'll watch the last of S3. 
It's just I've certainly lost an interest in the whole fandom aspect of it, sadly lowering myself to the level of refusing to use the title of "brony".
Which means that I've also lost an interest in the whole comic-making aspect too, while I do still have fun, at times, I'd ask myself; "Why am I still doing this?"

And so, with today's upload: 
Curse you, Poseidon. by Veggie55
I'd say that's probably going to be the last (Pony) comic idea I'll make.

I'm surprised I lasted this long really, I'd originally only planned on doing MLP art for about a month!
But don't think I'm not grateful for the support you guys have given me over the last, what, 2-3 years? It's been great, even with all the hate and berating that came towards the final months!
Not to mention that this show is the only reason that I still have a DeviantArt account, plus it gave me something productive...ish to do! 

Plus, I've made a tonne of great friends from the whole experience, you know who you are, and I'll be damn sure to keep in touch with them all (:
Not only did I get involved in the art section, but of course, I partook in some aspects of the music sector too! Helping out various musicians from this very talented fandom, and man, it was a blast.
"Want it Need it" (…Is still probably my most favourite! (Thanks Taylor!)

Oh! And the interviews I got were a blast, I really wish I'd had the chance to do more!
Though the Cutie Art Crusaders one (…) is still a favourite of mine! (Thanks too!)
It's funny when I think about it.
I mean, when I first got onto Deviantart, I had managed to get 37 watchers, and I was like "Holy shit, look at all the support I have!"
And yet, at the time of writing, I'm currently on a whopping 25'201, like, wow. 
I guess I've got Equestria Daily to blame thank for that, and having the extra support did give me reason to keep going!
Even though I'm overrated beyond belief :faint:

Then there's also all you guys who added me on steam and other outlets, hope you didn't mind being dominated by my insane Pyro skills in TF2 :trollface:

I guess I really only have one regret, and that's having never even made an attempt to attend a Convention (I wouldn't really count the Skype call at BUCK)
Stubborn Irish blood runs deep in me at times, as I'd decided that I hate conventions before having even tried one...
Sorry, I guess it's too late now.

So, you're deactivating your account and deleting all the random people in your steam/skype and forgetting this all entirely?
No, I won't deactivate my account, in fact, I might actually have use for it in the future.
If I bring myself to it, I'd begun work on my own Independent web-comics and hopefully I'll continue working on them until I'm ready to share them with the world.
Maybe I'll use my Deviantart is a starting point, who knows!

As for the randomers, well, I'll see. Not yet anyways!

But there's one last pony-related thing I want to do.
It's not going to be new, but it'll most likely be the last pony-related submission I'll make.
What I have in mind is remaking the first comic I made;   
&quot;I'll Never Fly&quot; by Veggie55
Just to come around full circle, seemed fitting enough to me.

I want to apologise to those who'd only recently requested a commission or two from me, as you can tell, I probably won't be motivated to make them.

Lastly, I just want to say again how grateful I am for all you guys here on Deviantart, and even those on sites like Derpibooru and reddit and such.
Though I never deserved this, I'm grateful for what I was given (:
There are plenty of much better comic-artists in the fandom now, most of who you are probably already following! You'll be fine ;D

Who knows, I'll still probably be here, browsing various artists and making completely useless polls, or I might stop, I don't know.

Anyways, that's about it, guys.
I'll finish up that remake and then I guess I'll just vanish somewhere.
Or just hit me up in a game or something!

Thanks, again.

- Veggie :iconveggie55-manfaceplz:

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:wave: Greetings!
Sorry for the lack of comics lately, I'm almost finished one, just working on it on and off between commissions!

Also, had my first of two tattoo sessions yesterday, and simply couldn't be happier!
Although my arm is itching like hell and smothered in all sorts of ointments and such, the design is way better than anything I'd imagined :)
And having waited 5 years to finally get it done, it's well worth it!

Outlines are finished, getting the shading done in August!
If you want a few crappy phone-pictures, just ask :p

What else is new?
Sadly, nothing much really. Since I finished those exams, I've just been lazy :nuu:
Oh, but concerts coming up in August!
First up; Blur in Dublin on the 1st, can't wait!

But working on the remaining commissions and hopefully will have that comic uploaded later this week!
What about you guys? Anything new?

- Veggie


It's been a long time since I've done these, so I think I'm just going to stick with the previous price-ranges I'd had for the last 2 years.


Before you commission me, please read;

- I do not accept point commissions. 
- I have the right to decline your commission ideas. I'm particularly harsh about OC commissions. It sucks, but there's no easy way around it.
- I will not do an insanely huge commissions,( ie; a 20-page comic, a massive 30+ character poster etc...) They just take too long to do.
- Don't be too ridiculous. I've never drawn jets, boats, military equipment, space battles etc. As much as some people seem to think, I'm not able to draw anything and everything.
- As bad as it is, I'm more inclined to start a commission in which someone is willing to pay more than one that is not earning as much. But I will try to get all of them done.


How do I commission you?
Send me a note with a prefix such as [COMMISSION] along with any references and as accurate a description as you can.
I'll reply to everyone, but since I received many last time, do be patient as it can take some time to reply to them all.

I'll let you know when I'm beginning your commission(s) and I can send you previews and such if you so desire.


Pricing: :nuu:
This is always pretty painful to do.
Seeing as I'm off to college next year, this money would prove invaluable to me, but I'll try not to strain too much from what I'd done before.

- Single Image (Pony from Show.):
: [ +€5/$7 per extra character ]
: [ Extra for a background depending on complexity]

- Single Image (OC Pony):
: [ +€5 /$7 per extra character ]
: [ Extra for a background depending on complexity ]
: [ Extra pricing could apply to character complexity ]

- Comic Strips
Determinant. Usually begins at €30 / $40
Comics are a bitch to price as some are simple, using very few characters and/or panels whereas others can have a host of panels, characters, locations etc.
I'll discuss the pricing with you in the notes you send to me.

- Other Requests.
Determinant. These commissions are rare and few, normally it's such things as Posters, Website banners, etc...
I don't expect much of these, so like the comics, prices can be discussed.


There, that is hopefully an explanation enough. The pricing is almost identical to the previous years' so I'll probably be pretty adamant to remain on them.
Feel free to ask me any questions if you're not quite sure of something (:

- Veggie
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Hey all :wave:

Heading away tomorrow afternoon on a trip around Ireland with some mates (:
Going to be gone for about a week, should be home by the 29th June!

Buttt Veggeh, yer burfdey!

Yeah... I won't be here ^^;
So don't be offended when I don't reply to your wishful messages!
I appreciate them all, believe me.

So yeah, I'll be opening commissions again around the 30th, I'll post up a journal about it (:

Until then, farewell! :iconveggie55-manfaceplz:
- Veggie 

(Old journal updates below.)

June 5th: One down, nine to go
 Well, can't say that I'm not happy, the composition title for the personal essay could not have been better! (Music related <3)
And the comprehensions, though boring, were fine. (Despite the weird question about a book introduction on "un-heroic" heroes :I)
Off to a pretty good start, bring on English Paper 2 :dummy:

June 6th: English dealt with
After an arduous 3.5 hours and 16 A4 pages of writing, English is finally over and I'll never, ever, have to study that damn subject again!
Though the questions on Macbeth and the Poetry, both unseen and prescribed was fantastic, the questions on the comparative study (Comparing and contrasting themes and issues between 2-3 various types of texts eg: films, novels, plays...) was a bit of a bollocks.
But overall I'm pretty sure I did well in English, though now I cannot feel my right hand :|

June 7th: Bit of a breather
Finished up the first paper of Maths today, and despite how much I despise the subject, I must admit that it went pretty well, all things considered.
And now some breathing space between exams thanks to the weekend <3

June 10th: No more maths!
Two exams down today, the final paper of Maths and the first paper of Irish.
Unlike the first paper, the 2nd maths paper was a bit trickier IMO. But Irish. Oh my, that Irish paper.
Best. Thing. Ever. Sure, I'm cheating slightly due to being fluent, but the listening comprehension along with the essay titles, was perfect!
If paper 2 is just as good, Irish will be one of my best!

June 11th: Agus... sin sin
And with that, Irish is finished. I'm ecstatic , to put it mildly, as that was the greatest set of exams EVER.
Everything that I could have possibly hoped to come up, came up, and I remember the oral exam ( Queue kiddie jokes ) was also perfect.
Irish is definitely going to be one of my highest results! Which is kinda cheating since I already attend a Gaelscoil ;D
Anyways, ar aghaidh linn anois leis an Fhraincís amarach! 
Nearing the home stretch <3

June 12th: 3 left
That's French dealt with, and ça tombe bien! 
Was delighted with everything that came up and ended up writing quite a lot :v
Though the listening paper had a few dodgy questions, it wasn't too bad overall.
The dreaded art history tomorrow, just want to get it out of the way :I

June 13th: In the Home stretch
Updated today as I went out and celebrated with friends and alcohol last night ;D
Though the paper wasn't the best, then again, it is just a pretty poorly organised exam in general, it wasn't too bad overall. Got my preferred artist to write about, Edgar Dégas, so I was delighted with that. 
Wrote a decent amount for each question too, so hopefully it was alright!
"You've a week off, make a damn comic."
I'll try upload something this weekend! D:

June 20th: Just one more in the way of freedom...
Headed back into the exams again after a week off. Felt pretty jittery, the past week felt like I was already on holidays :c
But it was music however, one of my favourites! Despite the odd question or two, the first part of the paper (Listening and Essay) went pretty well, managed to answer everything and only had to guess once or twice :p
The composing paper was alright, the melody one anyways. Simple key, A major and a simple rhythm, common time, so that went down pretty well, chucked in the obligatory modulation and sequence yada yada.
The chord section wasn't as easy, being in a pretty bothersome key, F#minor, but it seemed to sound okay, in theory anyways. All in all, pretty happy with it!
So, while all my mates are out getting wasted tonight, I'm here, studying for Italian :|
The last thing between me and summer, and of course, college.

Andiamo avanti! 

June 21st: Done and Dusted
Finally, the whole thing is over and done with. I must say that the Italian exam era eccellente
Managed to write a tonne of stuff for it and the listening wasn't too bad either (:
Went out for a nice meal afterwards, so that's not too bad at all!

Thanks for all the support <3

Below is a timetable of my exams for the 2013 Leaving Certificate. While most of this will mean nothing to you, as unless you're Irish, you luckily don't have to do it. (Consider it the worse off version of the British A-Levels)
This is just for me (And anyone interested) as I want to have the feeling of ticking away each day both online and offline :iconveggie55-manfaceplz:



-Wednesday June 5th:  English: Paper 1 (9:30 - 12:20)
-Thursday June 6th: English Paper 2 (14:00 - 17:20)
-Friday June 7th: Maths Paper 1 (14:00 - 16:30 )

--- ---- ---

-Monday June 10th: Maths Paper 2 (9:30 - 12:20)
  Irish Paper 1 (14:00 - 16:20)
-Tuesday June 11th: Irish Paper 2 (9:30 - 12:35)
-Wednesday June 12th: French [Incl Aural] (9:30 - 12:50)
-Thursday June 13th: Art History/Appreciation (14:00 - 16:30)

--- ---- ---

-Thursday June 20th: Music [Incl Composing] (13:30 - 16:45)
-Friday June 21st: Italian [Incl Aural] (14:00 - 17:20) </i></b>

*Sweet Freedom*

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One Exam Down...[News and Updates]

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 15, 2013, 2:04 PM
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Firstly, this message is for any gamers here </strong>
A very talented artist called GingerFoxy is after making a small poll based heavily on platformer games. 
It's part of a Uni-project that's  soon reaching a deadline.

I'd really appreciate if you could take 5 minutes of out your day to answer it :)
Here's a link to the small survey:

Thanks everyone, the limit on the survey was already reached!

As for me...

Well, as of today, I've officially started the infamous leaving-Certificate State Examinations.…
And so far, a brilliant start!
Had a 30-minute music-practical first thing, which counts for 50% of the overall Music-course.
Seemed to go really well, so that should be about 50 points earned overall so far :dummy:

Next up are the language orals; French, Italian and Irish.
Oughta be interesting...

Then the written exams start in June, including the deaded English and Irish papers :nuu:
Gonna be finished school and the exams forever on 21st June.
Can't fecking wait.

What else is new?
Err, well, nothing really. Since all I do these days is study, I rarely get to do much else exciting :/
Have a whole load of things planned for summer 2013 though! :dummy:

(Including the re-opening of commissions in July ;D)

Short journal is short, apologies.
Gotta get a good night's sleep tonight and get ready for the upcoming exams!

Anything you wanna ask me while I'm here? (:
What's new with you guys?

- Veggie

[FULL] Fortnight of SMALL commissions?

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 26, 2013, 4:11 PM
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Okay, I may have taken on board too many commissions as it is, but I'll try get as many of them done as I can within the next week.
Apologies to anyone who missed this, but feel free to ask me in July when I'm finished with school, forever :dummy:

Hey there :wave:

Since my Easter holidays started yesterday, I've been debating whether or not to open up commissions for the next fortnight.
As for the many who've been asking for commissions from me, you probably know I said I won't really be doing them until the earliest of July, but I've decided to be a bit more productive for this break, so we'll see what happens.

But when I say "small" commissions, I mean SMALL.
I may be on a break, but I've still a load of study to keep up with.

So no 14-page comic books, character-designing or 20+ pony rosters, please.

If you're interested in getting something done, send me a note with the following;

- [COMMISSION] on the title, so that I'll know which ones to save.
- As good a description as possible, if you've references of any sort, send them all!
- Your preferred price.

I don't work for points, sorry.
Just le PayPals.

Yes, you'll notice once again I lack any sort of pricing method as it's been absolutely ages since I've opened commissions.
But I'll do my best to be reasonable , just consider the fact that you'll be taking time out of my break and study to do your commission! :p

[And I'm afraid that  I'm a sucker for the highest bidder :paranoid: wink, wink, nudge, nudge...]

So... yeah.
Let's see what happens.

- Veggie

Winners, Tattoos and Questions.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 10, 2013, 11:25 AM
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Since I already delayed it by a day, I'll announce the winners first (:

I discussed it with some of my friends, and we all pretty much came to the same conclusion, to split the 12 months between two people.
Since I originally said;

"So, having already given away one 12-month premium membership, I've decided that I want to give someone else one!
(Or split one between 2 if it's too hard to decide!)"

So, firstly, thanks to everyone who entered, between all the images but as well as the musical and written submissions.
Everyone made some really great stuff, which made the judging all the harder :C

But the two people I have chosen as the winners are the following:

i.) Jonsis with Guyra and Lyra [contest entry] by Jonsis
ii.) Wicklesmack with Guyra and Lyra by Wicklesmack

Congratulations you two :dummy:
And apologies to everyone else, I sadly don't have enough to give everyone a membership!


For those interested in the  tattoo progression I mentioned a few months ago.
As of now, I still have no images uploaded as the sketch keeps varying at an alarming rate.
But the general jist of it has changed quite a bit.

This idea has changed so much, it's MUCH more personal now <3

At first I'd been tempted to get an oriental-styled Dragon down but only realizing a few weeks ago that that would have absolutely nothing to do with my culture or life.
So instead I've opted for the more related resign, keeping the dragon idea in mind but it'll be a sort of Oriental-Celtic fusion, surrounding a sun with the wings around both sides.
Debating a banner on the base written in Irish (As Gaeilge), as it seems a lot more logical than getting a cliché Latin phrase slapped on there.
Just need to think of the correct words to use...  

Will upload any sketches when they're ready!

And lastly, just like when Hurricane Sandy was about, I'm feeling a bit talkative once more.

So, does anyone have any questions they'd been wanting to ask me? (:

Before you begin with the likes of "Where does 'Veggie' come from?" , I've answered that damned nickname question way too much for one lifetime! :nuu:
But if you're bored, go nuts!

- Veggie

Apologies, Contestants.

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 9, 2013, 4:09 PM
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I ended up going out with my friends tonight, and in my haste forgot to post the Premium results.
I'll upload them and hand out the prizes first thing tomorrow morning (My time.)

I would give the memberships away now but I'm unable to from the mobile, and I think it houldnt be judged after having a few drinks :p

So again, sorry, I'll announce the winners soon!

Re: 2013 Contest

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 22, 2013, 4:08 PM
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Sorry, I only had time to post this journal now ^^; Exams kinda messing up the timetable!

Anyways, here are all the entries for the 2013 premium contest!
Guy-ra Meets Keith by AnthroLoverJay Harp Strings by DryRouteToDevon Guyra And Lyra  by AURORE1842 :thumb354101161: Guy-Ra's Sly Smile by shydaisy Guy-ra! by The-Unknown-Artist26 :thumb353212099: Time will tell by BlueThunder66 VEGGIE55 COMPETITION ENTRY - GUY RA by jourple Guyra And Lyra Contest Entry by WildBleu Guyra and Lyra [contest entry] by Jonsis :thumb352247239: Guy-ra not impressing Lyra contest by JohnnyXLunaandRD Lyra and Guyra [contest] by 9thAnodrac :thumb350612836: A Thoughtful Night by xRasch WE HAVE HANDS! by CosmicPonye Really? (Contest for Veggie55) by burrchan Double Trouble by Thunderhawk03  Guyra and Lyra by Wicklesmack Contest-Guyra OriginsLyra Heartstrings. a Pony like none other.
there was a lot of common about her: she was an aquamarine Unicorn, she had four hooves, two yellow eyes, and she lived with her friend Bonbon in Ponyville.
ok, that last part may not be normal, given the things that happen in that town.
and now, Lyra was involved in one.
"come on, Twilight! you should know how to change me into a Dragon or a Griffin, or something with thumbs!"
"No Lyra, i can´t do it, and, even if i could, it would be dangerous!" Twilight Sparkle said. if there was something that would annoy her, it was Lyra asking for Hands or Claws.
"oh, pleeeeeaaaase!"
"no is no! you would be trapped in some kind of weird body! and i won´t allow that!"
finally, after a lot of insistence, Lyra had to give up. after all, even Pinkie Pie would think she was crazy for asking for fingers, and she was... well, Pinkie.
"ok. i won´t ask for it anymore." she said, and started to walk outside the Library, when she had an idea. "act
:thumb347703089:  Contest entry Gyra and Daring Do. by hawkfurze Winter Music by Cameos-Equine Competition Entry: Guy-Ra by InksNote Guy-ra Contest Entry by randomsnailfactor Contest Entry by Wolfina13…

Thanks to everyone who entered! :dummy:
Now's the hard part of deciding a winner...

Since I've another week to go before the pres are over, my friends and I won't even begin judging until at least the 1st of March.
So, let's say that the winner(s) of the premium membership(s) shall be announced for...

Saturday, 9th March.

Thanks again for entering, some pretty awesome pieces here! :la:

- Veggie

Contest Extended and some other stuff.

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 10, 2013, 6:28 AM
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View the submitted entries here:…
Due to the results of the latest poll, I've decided to add an extra bit of time to the Contest Deadline.

I'll push it to : Saturday 16th February
Thanks to all who've entered!


As for myself?

Well, this week I've no school, due to Mid Term, but sadly, the minute I return, I've 2 weeks of Pre-Exams... so Mid Term is really just a long study week :iconveggie55-manfaceplz:
Easter's going to be the same, except it's 2 weeks, and then my legitimate exams begin :C


But yesterday, FINALLY booked one of my holidays for after the Leaving Cert.
Head to Crete, in Greece, in July for a week with some mates of mine, oughta be good ;D
Never been to Greece, so, it'll be something new!

And I'd love to squeeze another visit to Italy some time this year, maybe when I'm in my first year of college :dummy:

What else is there... uhm...
Oh yeah, that tattoo, still working on it... not much, since, you know, school and bollocks :/
But once I've something decent, I'll upload it (:

I think that's about it :shrug:

Oh wait, comics and such...

Uhm.. well, as of now, I've one almost-finished comic with Discord, though it's pretty stupid...ehe...
It's just a bit hectic around here :shrug:

What about you guys, anything new?

- Veggie