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So, having tried the month's trial about 4 years ago, I finally got Netflix. Anyone else use it? 

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Just started my free trial and I'm enjoying it so far :)
No Netflix in Belgium. Though local companies offer similar services, which I don't use either. I hardly watch any TV these days.
love netflix. we got rid of satellite a long time ago and ever since then i've been watching tv on the internet. now i can finally watch things on my tv again. and for everyone who's saying you cant stream it to your tv there are tons of small devices like Roku that can be hooked up to your tv that will allow it to use netflix. they arent even that expensive. the Roku 1 is only like 40 bucks.
The danish version is garbage. It also cost more for no reason.
timsplosion 1 day ago  Student Filmographer
Last I checked, the British Netflix was rubbish - just old shows no one cares about and movies that couldn't quite get a real distribution deal. Is the Irish one any better?
Veggie55 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know you can unlock the regional block, right? :p
timsplosion 23 hours ago  Student Filmographer
Lenlover4896 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Couldn't live without it :)
I don't have Netflix but all my friends do so I just mooch off of them whenever I want easy access to a show. I'm a terrible person I know
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